Some bird photos

Here are some bird photos from the last few weeks. Quite a lot of Torresian Crows… Please get in touch if you’d like a high resolution version of any of these images.


Sheep on Svartsö

Here’s a little film of some beautiful sheep on the island of Svartsö in the Stockholm archipelago in the early morning. They’re using the supporting wires of a power pole to scratch their heads and backs.

A Hawaiian crow being 'enriched'. KBCC Hawai'i.

Care: Some musings on a theme

This short paper was written for a collaborative project that is working to develop a lexicon for the environmental humanities (yet to be published). It was presented at the Affective Habitus conference in Canberra in June 2014 in a panel with Cameron Muir, Eben Kirksey, Emily O’Gorman, Kate Wright, Matthew Kearnes and Tom Bristow (chaired…