Thom van Dooren

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Humanities | University of New South Wales, Australia

Keeping faith with death: mourning and de-extinction

  This post was written with Deborah Rose. It is the text of a short presentation delivered at “Dangerous Ideas in Zoology,” the 2013 forum of the Royal Zoological Society … Continue reading

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Some forthcoming papers on conservation and extinction in Hawai’i. Especially crows…

For the last couple of years my research on ethics, extinction and conservation has focused on Hawai’i, and the Hawaiian crow (or alala) in particular. I seem to have accumulated … Continue reading

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Talking about the Environmental Humanities and Hawaiian Crows

Here’s a link to a recent interview I did with Jan Oosthoek as part of the Exploring Environmental History podcast (number 58, 18 Jan 2014). You can listen here. Here’s … Continue reading

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Sanguine Moon – It’s arrived…

Our new print has finally arrived. Titled Sanguine Moon by American artist Margaret Barnaby, it’s a wood block print of two Alala (Hawaiian crows) perched on a loulu palm under … Continue reading

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Flight Ways: Life and Loss at the Edge of Extinction

In celebration of the recently released cover for my new book, I’ve posted a little description of it here. The book is forthcoming with Columbia University Press in early to … Continue reading

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Fire and “politicising tragedy”

A few days ago Adam Bandt, the Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, made a statement connecting the current bushfires in New South Wales with the government’s inaction on climate … Continue reading

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Animal Death – Book Launch

Last week I had the pleasure of launching a new book called Animal Death, edited by Jay Johnston and Fiona Probyn-Rapsey (Sydney UP, 2013). The little speech that I gave … Continue reading

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