Edited Collections

Published Edited Collections

ENV_8_1 CoverPRINT copyMultispecies Studies
Special issue of Environmental Humanities (vol. 8.1, 2016)
van Dooren, T., U. Münster, E. Kirksey, D.B. Rose, M. Chrulew and A. Tsing

  • Thom van Dooren, Eben Kirskey, and Ursula Münster: “Multispecies Studies: Cultivating Arts of Attentiveness” (Introduction)
  • Vinciane Despret and Michel Meuret: “Cosmo-ecological Sheep and the Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet”
  • Eben Kirksey, Dehlia Hannah, Charlie Lotterman, and Lisa Jean Moore: “The Xenopus Pregnancy Test: A Performative Experiment”
  • Jamie Lorimer: “Gut Buddies: Multispecies Studies and the Microbiome”
  • Thom van Dooren and Deborah Bird Rose: “Lively Ethography: Storying Animist Worlds”
  • Hugo Reinert: “About a Stone: Some Notes on Geological Conviviality”
  • Celia Lowe and Ursula Münster: “The Viral Creep: Elephants and Herpes in Times of Extinction”
  • Cary Wolfe and Maria Whiteman: “Landscape and Inscription”


ep_coverTemporal Environments: Rethinking Time and Ecology
Metcalf, J. & T. van Dooren (2012), special issue of Environmental Philosophy, 9.1

  • ”Introduction” Jacob Metcalf and Thom van Dooren
  • ”The Virtue of Temporal Discernment: Rethinking the Extent and Coherence of the Good in a Time of Mass Species Extinction” James Hatley
  • “Fatally Confused: Telling the Time in the Midst of Ecological Crises” Michelle Bastian
  • “Past Imperfect: Using Historical Ecology and Baseline Data for Conservation and Restoration Projects in North America” Peter S. Alagona, John Sandlos, Yolanda F. Wiersma
  • “The Time of Slime: Anthropocentrism in Harmful Algal Research” Astrid Schrader
  • ”Transitory Places” Robert Kirkman
  • ”Pining for the Present: Ecological Remembrance and Healing in the Armidale State Forest” Katherine Wright
  • ”Multispecies Knots of Ethical Time” Deborah Bird Rose


UOCUnloved Others: Death of the Disregarded in the Time of Extinctions
Rose, D. & T. van Dooren (2011), special issue of Australian Humanities Review, 50

  • “Introduction” Deborah Bird Rose and Thom van Dooren
  • “Arts of Inclusion, or, How to Love a Mushroom” Anna Tsing, for the Matsutake Worlds Research Group
  • “Dis(appearance): Earth, Ethics and Apparently (In)Significant Others” Mick Smith
  • “Vultures and their People in India: Equity and Entanglement in a Time of Extinctions” Thom van Dooren
  • “Blood Intimacies and Biodicy: Keeping Faith with Ticks” James Hatley
  • “Getting a Taste for the Bogong Moth” Kate Rigby
  • “Speculative Fabulations for Technoculture’s Generations: Taking Care of Unexpected Country” Donna Haraway
  • “Flying Fox: Kin, Keystone, Kontaminant” Deborah Bird Rose
  • “Managing Love and Death at the Zoo: The Biopolitics of Endangered Species Preservation” Matthew Chrulew
  • “Planet Beehive” Freya Mathews

Forthcoming Edited Collections

extinction-studies-cover-smallExtinction Studies: Stories of Time, Death and Generations
Edited by Deborah Bird Rose, Thom van Dooren and Matthew Chrulew,
Columbia University Press
More information at the publisher’s website.

  • “Foreword” Cary Wolfe
  • “Telling Extinction Stories: An Introduction” Deborah Bird Rose, Thom van Dooren and Matthew Chrulew
  • “Walking with Ōkami, the Large-Mouthed Pure God” James Hatley
  • “Saving the Golden Lion Tamarin” Matthew Chrulew
  • “Extinction in a Distant Land: The Question of Elliot’s Bird of Paradise” Rick De Vos
  • “Monk Seals at the Edge: Blessings in a Time of Peril” Deborah Bird Rose
  • “Encountering Leatherbacks in Multispecies Knots of Time” Michelle Bastian
  • “Spectral Crows in Hawai’i: Conservation and the Work of Inheritance” Thom van Dooren
  • “It is an entire world that has disappeared” Vinciane Despret


Immortality and Infinitude in the Anthropocene
Special issue of Environmental Philosophy (2017)
Edited by Michelle Bastian and Thom van Dooren


Zoology on the Table: The science, sustainability and politics of eating animals
Special issue of Australian Zoologist (2016)
Edited by Dan Lunney, Martin Predavec and Thom van Dooren

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